• Image of Numb - Second Edition
  • Image of Numb - Second Edition
  • Image of Numb - Second Edition
  • Image of Numb - Second Edition
  • Image of Numb - Second Edition

Numb V2.0 - After the first book sold out, we totally underestimated how many people wanted it. Ian Battrick and myself have got a second edition together. It has everything the original had, although we have added some shots and extra tales from the first six years, and a new cover.

There is also an extra batch of tales and shots from Iceland and Scotland, a lot sicker than the original, standard way of travelling though, sleeping in cars, in toilets, in ditches. It's an epic book and with a new cover coming a must have!

It will be a strictly limited edition, and the way we are printing it we need your help, without reader support these projects do not happen. You will receive the book late in August - The first 50 pre-orders will also get a signed A3 print of their choice, and one of the signed chromalin proofs from the book, this is limited to just 50 (the are 32 left at the moment). There are only 54 of these proofs produced, and there are only two of each one, check out the shots below, they are quite unique. You'll also get a thankyou in print.


Here is the original synopsis and some reviews, thanks for your support.

Six years of travel, searching, cold water surfing & adventure in one photographic travelogue. Surfer Ian Battrick and photographer Tim Nunn have spent months in some of the wilder places in the Northern Hemisphere and this is their story in 200 pages of rich photography. From dealing with bears in the wilderness of Canada to volcanic eruptions in Iceland, driving for days in Norway to surfing heavy slabs in Scotland, this book is a window into some of the less explored corners of the surfing world. It is a book designed to inspire you to break free of the confines of everyday life and have your own adventure. To get out and see the planet for the incredible place its is, whether that be for a weekend, a year or a lifetime.

Numb is the result of six years of travelling with my friend and Surfer Ian Battrick through Scotland, Canada, Norway and Iceland. Those experiences are compressed into 208 pages of words and over 400 colour and black and white photographs to help inspire you to get out there and explore yourself.


Recent Reviews - *Alex Dick-Read, FOUNDING EDITOR of THE SURFERS PATH*

"The finished product is a wonderful collection of Tim Nunn's images from the past ten or so years, alongside anecdotes from his adventures. Tim has been around the surf world many times but this book focuses on his cold water missions, all of them accompanied by his mate, muse and co-author Ian Battrick, a shockingly sold surfer originally from Jersey but now carrying honorary resident status in places like deep Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii and of course the cold water locales this book is all about. They include: Cornwall, Scotland, Norway, Iceland and the remote coasts of British Columbia, Canada.

The B.C. section is my favourite including as it does enough detailed and ridiculous bear encounters to make you both laugh and shit yourself, plus magnificent waves. The Canada missions sum up, in my view, an overall sense of the ridiculous and profoundly important extremes that surfing can takes us to. Most of us dream of empty, perfect waves and a life fully immersed in nature, but these guys have actually been experiencing both, annually. They get taken to a stretch of coast several hours by boat/jetski away from the nearest hints of human life, are dropped off with supplies, boards, cameras and a gun or two, then left to fend for themselves sometimes for over a month at a stretch. Camped out in their little bay, they literally 'survive' while they wait for a heaving righthander do it's magic. For those hardy enough to actually do it, NUMB is perhaps a blueprint, or at least inspiration, for radical, off-the-map surf adventures."

*Gretchen Wegrich - GrindTV*

Surf photographer Tim Nunn and surfer Ian Battrick are tougher than you. The duo spent months snow camping in the Canadian wilderness, scouring Iceland’s remote coastline for surf, exploring the fjords of Norway, and hunting icy slabs in Scotland—all in the name of adventure.

The takeaway? Six years in the making, a new coffee table book titled “Numb” is a frigid chronicle of Nunn and Battrick’s cold-water surf adventures. The stories and photographs within are not for the faint of heart—or warm-blooded—and include professional surfers Timmy Turner, Chris Noble, Raph Bruhwiler, Eric Ramsey, Sepp Bruhwiler, Josh Mulcoy, Pete Devries, Noah Cohen, Toby Atkins, Ryan Turner, and others.

“For those hardy enough to actually do it, ‘Numb’ is perhaps a blueprint—or at least inspiration—for radical, off-the-map surf adventures,” said Alex Dick-Read, founding editor of The Surfer’s Path.

While 6 millimeters of rubber may sound like serious armor to surfers used to boardshorts and the warm-water surf-trip hazard of razor-sharp coral, “Numb” proves that even the thickest wetsuit doesn’t offer much protection from run-ins with bears, cougars, and killer whales.

The pages of the book overflow with stunning imagery from some of the world’s coldest and most remote coastlines, interspersed with adventure stories spawned by the treacherous surf missions and wildlife encounters behind the photos.

If you have any questions feel free to email me - timnunnphoto@gmail.com