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Who Are We?

My name is Tim Nunn, I'm a photographer and an environmentalist and passionate about books. I am also the founder of the environmental campaign The Plastic Project. 

All the books on the shop are put together with passion and love, we strongly believe that the best way to tell a long form story, whether that be in word, picture or in both is through print. Thus we make the highest quality products which will last a lifetime. 

Some of the books are linked with The Plastic Project, with all proceeds going directly to the project. There is also a chance to donate here as well. With our other books a % of the profits go to The Plastic Project, as well as other charities. 

We produce our books in two different ways. Some are printed in large runs, such as the Numb series, these are produced to the highest quality and use sustainable paper, usually recycled, and the most environmentally friendly ink that is possible.

We also print in short runs, the books are produced to the same high level, but are in much smaller editions, which does reflect on the price sometimes, but rest assured they are all to the highest quality. 

All delivery times are clearly stated in the product details, some books may be on pre-order, we only do this when an edition will be limited. 

If you ever want to contact us directly about a product, then feel free to email me at

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